ATTENTION: A photo I.D. is required.

Appointment Scheduling

Please contact your artist directly for appointment inquiries:







At this time, we do not schedule appointments via social media, though we are happy to discuss your tattoo ideas with you on all social media platforms.

Since we specialize in original, custom made tattoo designs, the artists at Wyld Chyld recommend scheduling a consultation as the first step in the designing process. During the consultation, your artist will sit down with you to discuss your tattoo idea in depth. Consultations are complimentary. However, to schedule your tattoo appointment, your artist requires a deposit to reserve your day and time with them. Please see the deposit policy for more information.

If you are getting a tattoo at Wyld Chyld for the first time, please bring a current photo ID that has your name and date of birth on it. Acceptable forms of ID include: government issued photo ID, such as a state ID, passport, etc.


    The artists at Wyld Chyld price the majority of their tattoos by the hour. Please call the shop for the artists’ hourly rates. There are a few factors to consider when pricing a tattoo – sizing, style, placement, the amount of drawing/design work involved, etc. For multiple session pieces the artist may negotiate a session rate with the client instead of an hourly rate at their own discretion. The shop minimum for small tattoos is $125 per tattoo.


      The shop will accept walk-ins if there are no scheduled appointments at the time. Please call ahead for the artists’ availability.

        Wyld Chyld Tattoo Deposit Policy

        1. In order to schedule your tattoo appointment, your artist requires a deposit in order to reserve your time with them. The minimum deposit amount is $125. However, the artist ultimately determines the deposit amount and, at their discretion, may request a higher deposit for multiple session tattoos. Your deposit is considered a down payment on your tattoo and will be kept on file until your tattoo is completed. The deposit will be applied to the cost of your final tattoo session.

        2. The deposit is payable by cash or credit/debit card only. Card payments will incur a 3.5% processing fee.

        3. The deposit is non-refundable.

        4. The deposit is for the tattoo design discussed and agreed upon during your consultation. If you request a significant alteration to your tattoo design after the consultation, your artist may require a re-designing fee (amount to be determined by artist) at their discretion.

        5. Your artist will show you the tattoo design on the day of your tattoo appointment, unless otherwise specified by the artist. Since your artist will create a unique, custom made tattoo design for you, your artist is not permitted to reproduce your tattoo design via email, text message, or any other form of digital communication.

        6. LATE RESCHEDULING FEE:Your artist requires 3-business days’ notice for rescheduling your appointment. PLEASE NOTE: the shop’s business hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 12PM-8PM. Please take this into consideration. If you reschedule your appointment with less than adequate notice, your deposit will be used to cover the late fee and future tattoo appointments will require a new deposit. Rescheduling more than twice will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Special consideration will be given for emergencies or hazardous weather.

        7. Your deposit will be forfeited if you do not show up to your appointment.

        8. If you arrive to your tattoo appointment and decide not to proceed with the tattoo, your deposit will be forfeited.

        9.  Any unused deposits due to rescheduling or having no appointment on the books will expire after one year of the client’s initial appointment date.

          FOR MINORS 16 - 17 YEARS OLD:

          Parents or legal guardians must be present with the minor for the full duration of the tattoo, consultation, and any visit(s) to our shop. Minors must have either a government issued photo ID or a copy of a birth certificate and either student ID or yearbook photo. The parent or legal guardian must bring government issued photo ID as well. The parental names on birth certificate must match their photo IDs. For legal guardians please bring court documents showing that you are that minor’s legal guardian along with a government issued photo ID.


          To parents: If you feel the need to bring your children along, we simply say; our house, our rules!

          There is almost always ‘foul language’ in our shop either in the form of conversation, music, or the movies we choose to play; as well as the potential for nudity, depending on the area of the body that is being tattooed. Sometimes the artists will use privacy screens, but most clients do not request them.

          We enforce a “no children under the age of 14 in the booths” rule. The artists’ booths are their personal space, and the artists should not be held responsible for any injury, contamination, or a sloppy tattoo (if the child is misbehaving).

          To parents that insist on bringing younger children, they must remain in the waiting area and are not permitted in the booths, unless the tattoo artist you are seeing says otherwise.