Alexis has always had an interest in design. At a young age she would draw on absolutely everything- the walls, the floor, herself… as long as she could reach it, it would become the victim of a crayon or a marker. She loves bugs, reptiles, and horses, and it was probably that love that created the interest in drawing. She would draw horse stables, reptile tanks, dinosaurs, and anything that captivated her interests.

In high school, she was the classic angsty goth DeviantArt nerd that read Tolstoy because it seemed cool (it wasn’t).  She never thought to pursue art as a profession, it always seemed like something that other, cooler people did.

In 2019 she left a chiropractic office and ended up at a tattoo shop, handling the books and back of house administration. Somehow, as seems to be the way in the industry, she became an apprentice in March of 2020. She did her first tattoo (on someone else) in May, and since then has tried to tattoo at least one client per day.

Alexis hopes to specialize in realism with watercolor and surreal elements. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can email her or send her a DM on Instagram.