I’ve been tattooing since 2009 and will always be a student to this craft. I was introduced into this industry as a professional body piercer, with APP guidelines since 1996. I’ve always aspired to be an artist since I can remember. My belief is if you stop learning, you might as well hang it up. I strive to push myself out of my own box with every tattoo.

I really love black and grey, or black and grey opaque realism and dot work. When it comes to color, I enjoy the muted / vintage colours.

I’m honoured and humbled to be chosen for your tattoo. I believe tattoos are personal for the wearer, or a piece of art to wear forever.

When I am not tattooing, I’m a Mother who is active in my child’s life. I am also a Full Mesa Shamanic Practitioner at your service, if you feel the call. I also study “wholelistic” herbalism.

You can reach me by DM on Instagram (please bare with me getting there and answering, as it’s just me working it all – thank you kindly in advance).

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