Born in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Timmy had never felt passionate about any “traditional” career paths. Having been involved in the Culinary Arts program in high school, he planned to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to become a chef. However, he always dreamed of having a “rockstar” job. Only two weeks before move-in day at the Art Institute, he crossed paths with a popular Pittsburgh tattoo artist. After watching him tattoo, Timmy was undoubtedly consumed with the idea of becoming a tattoo artist. He decided to make the bold and ambitious choice to abandon his culinary plans, and instead, pursued a career in tattooing.

Timmy’s lack of experience as an artist proved to be an immense obstacle on the journey to becoming a tattoo artist. He had to learn art skills and color theory from the ground up while simultaneously learning tattooing techniques. Only a few years into his career, he had gained momentum and popularity and became a well-known tattoo artist in his area. Since starting his career. He has been a featured artist in multiple accredited art museum exhibitions, and galleries for his artwork has a painting in the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art’s permanent collection alongside an Andy Warhol and is an award-winning color tattoo artist.

Timmy now has over 10 years of experience in the tattoo industry and aims to be more a designer name in the industry, than just another artist. “Tattooing isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle”. 

Timmy’s styles would be defined as color illustrative (with heavy bases in neo-traditional, and realism), and black and grey illustrative realism. 

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